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Camp Monroe Camp Co-Director, Devin Jackson, possesses a keen connection to nature and a passion for the outdoors. Having spent countless days hiking, camping, and exploring over the years—he has honed his strong bond to the natural environment.

Devin’s experience navigating the natural world as an outdoors enthusiast and active environmentalist began when he was young. His love of the field of Science was nurtured by his father, who retired from his role as a top official at the Center for Disease Control. For nearly two decades, Devin has worked as an educator as part of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. His teaching sixth grade students in the sciences means that he gets to share with them vital early knowledge adapted for their age group. His curriculum includes Earth Sciences, Physical Science, Engineering, and Robotics. He is also the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator for Foothill Middle School in Walnut Creek as well as teacher.

With a BA in Liberal & Civic Studies, and a MA in education from St. Mary’s College, the focus of his Masters was in outdoor education (informal) versus the traditional (formal) indoor science classroom with his thesis aptly titled, “The Value of Supplementing Science Education with Outdoor Instruction for Sixth Grade (Middle School) Students”. Findings proved that students learn and retain more information when they are learning via a hands-on, inquiry-based, collaborative working environment as “Citizen Scientists”.

Preservation and appreciation of the environment, nature conservation, and practicing sustainability are important. An active Sierra Club member, Devin regularly goes for hikes with his wife and daughter at many national parks and conservation areas, and he co-founded the SF Bay Area Young Sierrans section of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. His on-going professional development has included the Marin Headlands, Point Reyes, and Yosemite National Park through the John Muir Society.

Devin’s personal and professional goals are to increase student knowledge and appreciation of the sciences; in particular the area of climate change including potential solutions. He continues to seek the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste at Foothill Middle—and as a life-long learner—continues the journey seeking out new approaches and methodologies for the successful science classroom.

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