• Posted OnJune 15, 2018
  • ByMSES

Lassen Volcanic National Park 2018

Last year was the first time in 17 years that Camp Monroe didn’t occur due to low interest (we had one other year where the camp scheduling impeded our trip in 2010). Because the trip was cancelled, Mr. & Mrs. Monroe decided to go up their anywa...

  • Posted OnJune 23, 2018
  • ByMSES

40th Anniversary of Charon’s Discovery

Earlier this summer marked the 40th Anniversary of Charon’s discovery. Pluto’s binary companion Charon was discovered in 1978 by Randy Monroe’s stepfather Jim Christy; while working for the US Naval Observatory. He named the moon or actu...

  • Posted OnJuly 14, 2018
  • ByMSES

Fire on Lime Ridge

Mr. Monroe was on the East Coast when the Lime Ridge fire broke out on June 29th. When he returned in early July, he went hiking up the trail to survey the damage. This is part of the natural cycle of California and is an ecological process called success...