Monterey Bay Day Trip Overview

Aquarium Tour & Whale Watching Cruise

This 12-hour day trip takes students on a sightseeing and fun-filled learning experiencing to the Monterey Bay Area. The fun includes a visit to the famed Fisherman’s Wharf with a whale watching, marine animal cruise and a tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Chris’ Whale Watching offers full service guided family friendly whale watching boat tours year around in the third largest deep submarine canyon in the world. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is the home to 27 species of marine mammals, 100+ species of marine birds, 345 species of fish and the leatherback turtle.

At the “World’s Best and Most Famous Aquarium” students will begin with a 10 minute orientation before setting off in their groups to wandering and explore the jellyfish, tuna, seahorses, rock and coral reef fishes, sharks, sea otters, penguins, kelp forest and a multitude of other ocean animals on display.

While at the aquarium, we will also venture out the back door to UC Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station – a world leader in tuna research. Students will learn about tagging & monitoring and tuna behavior.

MSES has worked to secure the lowest possible rate of approximately $8.25 per hour for this student trip – which is comparable to most child day care!

Space is limited to 160 students and 20 parent chaperones; and as always chaperones are FREE.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

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